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Deep Blues Mixed Set of 50 Ceramic Tiles - Blue, Ultramarine and Navy Bohemian Kitchen Tiles

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Beautiful Deep Blue Colours Bohemian Mixed set of blue, Cobolt, Prussian, Navy, Ultramarine and turquoise Tiles. A Crisp Fresh Oppulent mix of Patterned and Kaleidoscope designs for a dramatic Kitchen, Bathroom or 'wake me up' Shower. 

Create the Wow in your home by using these tiles...

-Mesmerising mix of patterns - draws you in and creates a talking point.

-The set of 50 will contain the exact number of each design shown on the 49 Tiles in the picture plus 1 extra.

-Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery

-These will be extremely well wrapped  and shipped in 2-3 Packages

-Be brave & cover a whole wall with them - what a fabulous feature!

-For bathrooms, utility areas, showers, dining areas, kitchens and fireplaces as long as not in direct contact with heat source.

-Buy just one and attach little rubber bumpkins to the base, these tiles make fantastic coasters for mugs or tableware trivets for a tea pot or hot serving dishes.


-Each tile is individually hand printed by myself using specialst inks and a heat press.

-Each tile may vary slightly as to be expected with a hand made item.

-Measuring 6x6 inches, 15.24x15.24cm Thickness is 5mm or 1/4”

-Normal cloth or sponge cleaning with non abrasive liquids. Do NOT use scourers or abrasive cleaning liquids as these tiles will scratch.

Not suitable - for exterior use, near extreme heat sources, in full sun as they will fade over a number of years and high traffic areas.

  ***Important- for those outside the UK***
Customer/Purchaser are liable for any import/customs duty that may apply on goods entering your country. Please check before purchasing/ordering. If in doubt please contact me.

Please contact me for the following-

-Larger quantities

-Different Shapes and Sizes

-Floor tiles.

-Harder wearing tiles for high use areas that need harsher cleaning- chemicals will not harm the surface – they can also with stand high temperatures.

-Exterior Tiles that are frost proof, scratch resistant and guaranteed not to fade in UV light for 25 years.

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