Floor Tiles

Get a fabulous dramatic bohemian look with these stunning patterned floor tiles.

Whatever look you want. Bohemian, Colourful, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, William Morris Arts and Crafts look. Some have a Nordic look, others echoes of Aztec. I love all pattern styles and create designs to reflect this. I can  mix listed floor tiles for a wonderfully eclectic feel, if you wish to create a different mixed set please ask as I can create a custom order for you.

To produce these I have worked with my original hand painted silk designs and manipulated them to produce a beautiful effect which lends itself to being on tiles. These designs are then been individually  printed to create these decorative tiles.

Floor Tiles Specifications 
•Non Slip matt finish
•Size 20x20cm

•Also suitable for

•outdoor applications as frost proof 

•fire places as heat proof