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Dramatic Tree Silhouette Velvet Fabrics, Order by Drop Length Needed, Wide Range of Rich Colours for Curtains, Upholstery and Soft Furnishings

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Add the WOW factor to your living room with super soft luxury velvet curtains printed with a dramatic tree silhouette design, highlighted by rich colourful backdrops!

This striking 'Cathedral Trees' designer fabric comes in a wide variety of opulent colours.  Choose gorgeous turquoise blue or mint green to add a spring freshness to your room.  Alternatively try warm red, purple, yellow or gold to warm your home in the glow of sunset.......  And all the while the luxury velvet fabric will show off the richness and depth of the colours.   

For best dramatic effect, place the design as the full length of the piece - especially if you are using it for curtains.  This fabric has a large and dramatic repeat every metre, giving an old world opulence to your living room or dining room.....

These fabrics are digitally printed with photographic detail, real depth and  delicate graduation of colour which high lights that the original design I used to produce the repeats was hand painted on silk by myself. This creates a unique look not achievable with normal pattern printing.

But do bear in mind that this gorgeous fabric is suitable for a whole range of soft furnishings & upholstery. 

SO - just imagine your room enhanced by matching curtains AND cushions AND armchairs............. 

You can order your fabric by the drop length that you require plus 25cm (5cm for top seam and 20cm for bottom curtain hem).  This allows the best part of the design to fill the drop length - and you don't lose any to seams and hems.

  • Fabric width is approx 134cm
  • Fabric type: Velvet
  • Composition: Mid Pile Poly Velvet
  • Weight: 370gsm
  • Usage: Upholstery, curtains and blinds, soft furnishings - fire treatment available on request.
  • Care instructions: Dry clean only

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

Made in England


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