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Song Birds in Trees Original Silk Painting - Hand-Painted Silk Art

Regular price £295.00

Song Birds in Flowering Trees Hand Painted Silk in deep blue, green and cream with silver detailing. This piece creates a contemporary feel of the Dawn chorus. all the blues with silver detail make it such a stunning piece for a dining room or living room or bedroom. 
This is a long slim piece that can hang landscape looking great above a bed, sofa or sideboard, end wall in a dining room. It can also hang portrait making a great piece for stairwells and hallways between doors.
The piece measuring 40x110cm mounted and unframed, Depending on the type of frame it will be approximately 50x120cm. It is mounted in a black  which sets it off perfectly. I can provide a stippled silver pewter frame which will finish it perfectly,  just choose from the menu.

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