Glasses Cases - Padded Glasses & Gadget Cleaning Cloths

A selection of different sized covers for nearly every size of phone or glasses.

meikie phone covers glasses cases beautiful designs

Printed using the beautiful patterns from my Hand Painted Silk Originals onto a durable and padded neoprene material, perfect for protecting from bumps and scratches. Also the beauty of the Glasses cases is that they take up so much less room in your hand bag than the hard cases so they are also perfect for a small evening bag or coat or jacket pocket.

Inside sizes to fit glasses/phone include: reading glasses cover 14x5cm, larger glasses cover 14x6.5cm, mini phone cover 11x6.5cm, medium phone cover 12x6.5cm, large glasses case / large phone cover 16x7cm fits most sun glasses and up to i-phone 7plus.