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Contemporary Tiles Mixed Leaves - Green terracotta Leaves Tiles - Beautiful Bohemian Ceramic Tile

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Beautiful Contemporary Mixed Set of two of my Kaleidascope Tiles,  featuring the Oak Leaves and Acorns on one and Horsechestnut Leaves on the other. These colours are so warm and welcoming with just enough freshness of the green.

I have designed these kaleidescope style tiles using my original hand painted silks and repeat patterning parts to create these intricate tiles. 

Look great simply as a set of six or eight behind a sink depending on size. Create a beautiful border in amongst plain tiles. Or go completely eclectic and mix with other tiles in my range.

Measuring 6x6 inches, 15.24x15.24cm

Cushions, Curtains and Table ware including place mats can be made in this design all you need to do is ask. I do love a project.

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