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As the title describes my work has featured on the TV, on a show I'm a huge fan of no less!

Back in August 2022 I was approached by Hannah At Love productions, the makers if The Great Pottery Throw Down. The request was to borrow a set of my tiles as an example of repeating patterns that link across the tiles. The chosen set were my 'Turtle Waltz' in soft blue and green.

Turtle Waltz blue green decorative tiles

I was not given any further details until I signed an NDA. Then I was told what the potters would be asked to design and make. This was all very exciting for such big fan of the show. I sent a set off to the set of the show and had to keep quiet until the recent showing of the episode in which they appeared. All the time not knowing if they would make screen time.

Well they did and here are the pictures.


Tiles on Great Pottery Throw Down


The 'Turtle Waltz' tiles are available to buy here.

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