Fairy Tale Weddings and Magical Occasions.

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This blog is over due... I've wanted to write it again and again. I wanted to write when I truly felt more magical, so that's what would come across to you, the reader. That these dresses are wondrous, the stuff that dreams are made of.

So leaving behind the troubles of the past few years, let me introduce the extremely talented Janice Whitehorn of Uptight Clothing, designer, dressmaker, creator of fantasy gowns. This is one of her stunning pieces.

 wedding dress by Uptight Clothing with Meikie Designs velvet used in the bodice

It is just so beautiful.. and if you look closer you will see that the bodice is made with velvet of my very own design. I can't express the sound I made when Janice sent me these pictures.

I met Janice at Hatfield House Craft Fair. Purchasing some of my choice pieces including the original Cathedral Trees Ottoman I knew she had an eye for design. She did ask whether I would sell my fabrics to her for creating with and gave me her card. Of course I had to check out her work. I was wowed! Pleased to also see a dress made for a friend of mine. I knew I wanted her to work with my fabrics.

Needless to say this is the result. Bodice in my Pink Green Charcoal Butterfly Velvet so beautifully made by Janice, and that stunning petal shaded skirt is hand dyed in the ombre effect by herself too. I can't get over how perfectly our colours blend.

Bodice by Uptight Clothing using Meikie Designs patterned velvet

Would you love to have the most amazing bespoke gown for a special occasion? Let your imagination go wild. Marry my designs (dragons, dolphins, dragonflies just ask I'll design the fabric) with Janice's skills.

You know can find Janice at
email Janice@uptight-clothing.co.uk

and you know where to message me

Wedding Gown by Uptight Clothing, Bodice patterned velvet from Meikie Designs


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