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It's a wonderful feeling when a customer query really gets the designer in me excited.
It started like this.

Message:Morning! I’m starting to plan for a kitchen make over! I love love your tiles. My question- I see in some of your photos a mosaic collage of tiles. I would like to get different tiles to create a collage for my kitchen- do you have them ready to be purchased as a set? Or do I buy different tiles creating a set? Thanks! Letricia

Hello Letricia
Glad you love the designs.
There is a mixed set listed which has the the tiles you’ve seen in the mixed tile picture plus others. I can put any mix together for you. If you let me know what colours or mix of colours you are looking for I can suggest a collection that works well together.
Hope that makes sense.
Best Wishes

Message:I LOVE this tile and would like to create a scheme around it.

Message:This is the colors I like- I am using this towel as my inspiration- I want a bright colorful kitchen- a more modern Frieda Kahlo, Mexican feel.

It was so much fun to come up with this mix and the order they looked best in, and this was my reply....

Message:Did a quick mix up of tiles. Let me know what you think. These are just what I had to hand to test out what could work together. I have some other designs that I could add or swap round.
Best Wishes

Message:Nice! I love it!!! I have someone coming to let me know how much tile I will be needing- I’ll reach out when I’m ready!!!

Message:Glad you love it.

I also thought it would be great to see how they'd look in a kitchen so i did this.

Frieda Kahlo Inspired Kitchen Tiles - Colourful Mexican Mixed Set

Want your own mix of tiles tailored perfectly for the colours and accessories in your kitchen or bathroom? Email me your queries at

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