A Stunning Sunset Translated into Tiles

Georgina Faraone asked me to create a mixed set of tiles capturing the beautiful colours of a sunset snapped from the balcony of her home in Italy.

Well of course I couldn’t wait to get started. As most of you know I’m particularly partial to to pink and plum anyway.

The mix of tiles I’ve created all come from one of my original silk paintings. Normally a large mix like this would come from at least three paintings if not more. The colours were just so right in this one as you can see. In fact I created two sets one softer in colour the other with more of the vibrant plum.

Which do you prefer?

Here is the full wonderfully opulent effect in a room!

Would you love these tiles in your bathroom? Click the link for full description and details.


If you'd like me to create a mix especially for you, send me an image or reference and Ill be happy to

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