Terracotta Butterflies in Blue Heaven

I had an email from old customers Mag and Simon, who have a collection of pieces. They started with table mats and glass chopping boards.

Then ordered sill length velvet curtains for their bedroom and full length curtains for their living room and dining room. I checked through all my designs and suggested the best colour matches for those rooms. Designed the repeats, had printed and made up the curtains.

Custom full length butterfly curtains chenille fabric by MeikieThe recent email was requesting three large size 58x58cm velvet cushions to match/work with their living room. They asked for ideas for what would work. I said 'leave it with me as I have some ideas'

This is where I can't help myself I start designing a myriad of possibilities! I took the original silk painting image from which I designed their curtains. It's a beautiful butterfly piece in vibrant blues and rich terracottas as you can see in the curtains. I designed repeats veering more to the ox blood I knew was their sofa colour. Understand that when I'm designing it's like falling down a rabbit hole .... I just can't stop until I find the perfect set of designs for my customer.

When I was ready I sent Mag and Simon this image.

Choose a design for your custom order.....with the message… ‘ I propose double sided cushions, a different design on each side equaling six designs on three cushions’. Using the more abstract designs from the bottom row for one side, I asked them to choose from the designs above which they would like on the other side. 
This solved several problems in one go. The first was to have designs that worked with the curtains but wasn't 'matchy matchy' The second was to bring the ox blood colour of the sofa into the designs for a better fit. The third was a wonderful eclectic loose feel in which they could turn the cushions over for another look combination. The fourth was to bring in the abstract to break up the strong repeat on the curtains.

....and they sent me pictures....
Custom designed butterfly cushions and curtains by Meikie

Custom designed butterfly cushions by MeikieWould you love me to design something especially for you? Email me at meikiecakie@hotmail.com
The cushions with Plain backings are listed here
If you would like them or any other of my designs double sided all you need to do is ask.


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