Blush Blushing Butterflies

Blush is one of the colours of the year (or 'Peach Fuzz' if you follow the Pantone colours). This is a big deal in design circles. The colours chosen for the year can dictate all that you see in the shops for clothing and interiors. Now as many of you know, I'm a great believer in wear or decorate exactly as you want! Cover yourself and your house in the colours that make you happy. Which is why I have steadfastly stuck with painting and designing in all the colours I love whether they are in fashion or not.

Blush Butterflies hand printed tiles

The good thing is that every now and then I happen to have the colours that are on trend. This time it's my Blush Butterflies. Which is great as it means all the accessories and paint colours that blend with them are in the shops (and online) for you.

I first designed some repeats for velvet and then these tiles. Gorgeously warm and rosey. Great with both copper or silver hardware. I was thinking mostly bathrooms, but also a retro cocktail bat feel. Definitely an opulent bohemian feel.

I've put together some looks for you, a simple clean look where these tiles give warmth and a kind of dressed up style, richly decadent.

Here is the listing for my Blush Butterflies wall tiles.

Please email me at if you would like other items in these colours such as cushions, fabrics, table mats and mugs.


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