Deep, Dark and Sumptuous

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Do you love the dark shades? Idolise Morticia Addams? Punk Goth Tendencies? Me too, although I can't quite dress that way. Anyway I digress, this blog is for those who fully embrace the look of Steampunk/Victorian/Gothic/DarkArts in their decor.

I created a range of tiles from my original deep plum butterflies and the cooler purple charcoal butterflies paintings. 

deep plum gothic steampunk tile mix

Above is the wonderfully moody warm plum mixed set for those who'd love to enjoy all the intricacies while soaking in a hot bath.

            ...and here are the cooler stylish purple and charcoal mixed set.

Want to indulge your darker side? Click on the pictures an be spirited to the right place.

Please note: I do ship all over the world. UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada can buy direct from this web page. EU customers will need to buy from my Etsy shop unless they are visiting the UK and picking up from my workshop. All other countries please contact me for a quote on shipping.

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