Precious Gems - Emerald and Jade make a Splash

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Just wonderful to receive these pictures from my customer. Perfectly shows how mixing just a few of my patterned tiles in with a strong plain colours works.

Plain Green Kitchen Tiles mixed with Patterned tiles

Alys initially purchased individual tiles in different designs to check the colours against these fabulous beveled jade green tiles. I highly recommend doing this. Also feel free to ask me which designs I think could work with a plain colour that you very much want to use.

Mixed patterned and plain green tiles

Being happy with the colour match and designs Alys decided on a layout and went on to order the quantity needed. Later realizing she needed an extra four I was happy to make these and send them on. I am also happy to work out a layout and the quantity for you, just send me the dimensions and a picture of the space.

Art Nouveau Style Patterned Tile set in plain green tiles

On completion sending me these great pictures of my tiles in situ. Along with the comment 'What I really enjoy about them is the way different light changes the colour of the plain green tiles, which brings out the different aspects of your tiles.'

Border of Art Nouveau Style green Tiles

I hope she enjoys them every day.

I'd love to hear your kitchen and bathroom plans and to help you  design a layout and the perfect tiles for the space. Email me at:

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