The Artists Wrap it Up!

A little sad today as I write this. I'm really looking forward to another weekend at the 'Art Farm' as we now call it, but It's the last weekend and on Sunday we 'Wrap it Up'.
We had a plan, if we all worked together and exhibited in one place we could create a wonderful experience for all those who visited us as part of the South East Open Studios. There are ten of us Artists.... Neal, Anna-Marie, Lucy, Mike, Katie, Sally, Vanessa, Julia, Beverley and our honorary member Neal's Mum Maggie. So as a group we decided that we would have a Private View Day on the First Saturday and that the theme would be the Mad Hatters Tea Party! Dressing Up... Tea and Cake.... Fun.. Whats not to like? I was most definitely in.

So Anna-Marie designed the invite and we all got onto letting everyone we knew know about it, distributing SEOS brochures with the invite tucked into our pages. Neal made a banner, Maggie and others started baking cakes, collecting crockery, bunting, balloons, costumes... We cleaned out Workshops and Barns, Put up Marquees and Gazebos and set about displaying our Work.

Boy was it worth it!!! The Mad Hatters Tea Party had an amazing atmosphere and most visitors stayed for hours. I think this picture says it all.

Mad Hatters Tea Party - Town Court Farm, Tunbridge Wells - South East Open Studios


Now I and many of the Artists have said we had the best day and it will always make us smile when we think of it.

For me being around other Artists and Crafts People means being around people who understand the work that goes into it, and that making Art is quite an emotional thing. This lot made Open Studios the most fun.

So If you'd like to see what I'm talking about, speak to real Artists and Crafts People it's the last weekend  this weekend 23-25th June with our Artists Wrap Party on Sunday, and you are all welcome.


Wrap Party - Town Court Farm Tunbridge Wells - South East Open Studios


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