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As many you have known me from my very first silk paintings, cushions many with double pointy edges, those cute little make up bags with the pointy edges (had a thing about pointy edges), and purses and greetings cards all of which were hand painted on silk, You all know how much my work has changed and developed over the years and I thank you all for still encouraging me twenty odd years on.

So I've finally sorted the new website, I hope you like it and find it easier to use than the old one. I've listed more of the smaller items here than before so if you cannot make it to one of my shows you can still purchase them.

As I have told many of you I am unable to do as many shows from now on, needing more time to develope designs and products. The shows I will be doing are the ones worth visiting, so be reassured if I've booked it you'll enjoy it and they are worth traveling a bit further to.

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