Lost in a 'Forest Meditation' while demonstrating my Art

Paint big, or not at all!

That was my decision when embarking on doing more demonstrations at the art and design shows. So where a show organizer could accommodate a large demo area I went for it.

The reasons were that most of my commissions are larger pieces now and I enjoy painting a piece that is so big 'I get lost in it'

Although I have to do the outlining of a piece before I arrive at a show (a long job that takes great concentration) it is a  wonderful chance to show old and new customers how many colours I mix for a single piece, to answer questions about the paints and techniques, During the show visitors would pop back to see how the piece was developing. Of great interest is always how I decide where the colours go.... and my only answer is that the piece kind of tells me as it evolves. I feel a need for the colours to balance.

As I paint I take photos of the piece and post on facebook (and other social media) the progress. As I think in pictures and not in words it is on Facebook that this piece got it's name of 'Forest Meditation' as I ask my followers to help me think of a title.

Here is the finished piece now available

I'd like to thank the shows/ organizers who accommodated my large demo

Craft in Focus, Living Crafts, and Childwickbury Arts Fair   

and I hope those who have seen me demonstrating at a show have enjoyed it, and do please let these organizers know as they work hard to put on a great event.


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  • Pepa on

    Obra increiblemente sublime. Estoy maravillada de ver tus obras. Bravo.

  • Rudy on

    Beautiful work!!!

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