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My latest bespoke lampshade is off to the US...

I often send pieces to the United States but this is the first time I've sent a lampshade. On a visit to see family in the UK last June I met Tony and Judy James at my Open Studios, at which they purchased a set of Table Mats and Coasters. They kindly sent me pictures of the mats with the china plates they matched them to, at home in the US.

While at the Open Studios they loved the Floor Standing Lamps and Lampshades commenting on the beautiful atmosphere they created and wondered if they could be sent to the US. I said I can send most things abroad and can make the fittings correct for each country.
So a few months later they got in contact again about the lampshades. As I do with nearly every interior decor inquiry I asked them to send me pictures of the room. this gives me a great idea of where the piece is going and allows me to suggest the best designs and colour ways to work in the room.

The ceiling basket weave shade is the one they wished to replace with a dramatic long shade as their high ceilings can accommodate one. Their room  made me think of a few designs including this one which I had recently produced in a 1m tall floor standing lamp along with two cushions for another customer.

Well, they agreed and loved the idea of the matching cushions.

So we worked out the best length and diameter for the Tube Shade, I quoted them the price with four cushion covers and shipping, created an invoice for easy payment from the US and went ahead on the designing and sizing of the print for the shade. A special internal US fitting was made for the shade.

I received this email from them

Hello Meike,

We picked up our parcel from the Post Office this afternoon.   It was beautifully packed and arrived in perfect condition.   We love the lampshade and and look forward to installing it tomorrow, when I’ll fill the cushion covers.   I’ll send a photo afterwards.

With many thanks,

Looking forward to receiving pictures of this shade and cushions in their living room.

Would you like your own bespoke lampshade? Have need of a particular size and shape? Want something no one else has?
Please contact me at meikiecakie@hotmail.co.ukor on the contact button below.

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