Beautiful Majestic Stags - Dolphins - Elephants in Your Kitchen!!!

It is my own fault as do say to all you lovely customers old and new... 'If you'd like a particular Design on a particular Product please ask'

dolphin glass chopping board - heat proof table protector - trivet- pot stand

So now you can have a Stag staring out from the trees, or happy Dolphins chasing a shoal of Fish, or even a family of Elephants having fun blowing water in the air In Your Kitchen!

elephant glass chopping board -  fun pot stand - trivet- party platter -

In the form of glass chopping boards, table mats, coasters mugs and more.

blue stag table mats and coasters - hard wearing place mats -

.... and what is even more lovely most are requested as surprise gifts for friends knowing they like a particular design of mine.

red stag round glass chopping board - heatproof table protector - pot stand trivet - platter

As it's so much fun to create products especially for you all ...GO Ahead And Ask.

Now what can I make for you ???

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