When a window becomes a view 'Into The Woods'

Well that will be when old customers ask me to make a blind for their bathroom in their current favorite design of mine 'Into The Woods'.

I know it is one of their favorites as they have other pieces of mine (like the glass counter savers/chopping boards, which many of my customers like to use in the bathroom because they look so sparkly) in it. Now this design is one of my favorites too so I got quite excited about how it would look as a blind.


These customers, let me introduce them Marian and Gavin from South East London who I've made blinds for before know the drill.... take the windows exact width  measurement and the drop or height of the window, email these to me along with the name of the design you'd like me to use.

I will then design the fabric in this case I repeat patterned the design to fit perfectly within their window space, aware all the time that the image needs to look good at whatever height it is unrolled. At this point I can email a back a pic of the finished design to be approved however Marian and Gavin seem to trust me after all these years.

The Fabric was then printed, in this case onto a stiff canvas (always good for a blind to hang well). I'll edge the canvas drop with a gauze ribbon which gives it a lovely flat finish, make the channel for the bottom rod and fit to the roller blind equipment.

Then it's all ready to ship off!

roller blind designed and made to order teal trees

Marian and Gavin kindly sent me pictures of the blind in place at their bathroom window, along with a print of my blue 'Shoal' painting and a glass board in the same design as the blind below the vase. I love how crisp and clean the designs they've chosen look against the bright white tiles.

blue shoal print in bathroom setting

They also sent me a lovely message
'Thank you for sending the blind to us last week. We love it and it sets off our bathroom delightfully'

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