Dragon Silk Paintings Enjoying Their Home In Guildford

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Andrew and Tracey Thatcher live in Surrey. Andrew is self-employed and creates Exhibition stands and Tracey is an exams coordinator. Both love greyhounds and after just losing one they are waiting for the right time for another greyhound to join their family.  


Meikie Designs was interested in finding out the reasons behind their many purchases and asked Annie Dixon from Writing and Blogging to discover more about the original paintings they have bought and which have now taken up residence in their home in Guildford. 


How did you hear about Meikie Designs?  


We first met Meikie and were introduced to her fantastic pieces of art several years ago at a Craft Fair at Loseley Park. We fell in love with her designs and now have eight original paintings, as well as placemats, coasters, lamps and cushions. It would probably be easier to say what we don’t have from Meikie.  


Eight original paintings! Can you tell us a little more about them? 


Four of the 8 paintings were commissions, which are all of dragons. In fact the first piece we bought was a dragon. We also have a stag and a moth montage and we just love the colours and designs that Meikie comes up with. 


Have you found the placemats to be hard wearing, easy to clean and functional?  


We actually use the place mats for dinner parties and you could say for “best” so they don’t come out too often, but so far we have found them to be hard wearing, easy to clean and the colours haven’t faded at all. They also add a wonderful splash of colour and can be a talking point. 


How would you describe your home?  


Our home is a spacious 1930s ex council house, which we have enjoyed decorating in a light modern style. 


How do you order from Meikie?  


We only buy direct from Meikie at craft fairs. We like to discuss the commissions personally with her at the various fairs. Once we have agreed on a design, we have found that Meikie has always delivered to our home in an acceptable amount of time and there have been no difficulties whatsoever. 


Meikie has a new website. Have you visited it?  


Yes. We think the new website looks great and we found it very easy to navigate and to find what we were looking for. 


Tell us more about the lamps that you have purchased from Meikie 


The lamps in our living room are tall and create a lovely warm light which makes the room feel cosy and very inviting when our friends and family come round. 


Are you planning any more purchases from Meikie 


Whenever we go to a craft fair, we always make a beeline to look at Meikies pictures and invariably we come home with one. As we mentioned earlier, dragons are always a popular choice with us. 


What do you like to do in your spare time?  


We both love the great outdoors, music, concerts, films and TV and off-road driving in one of our Land Rovers. 


Is there anything else you would like to add?  


From the very first time we saw Meikies work, we fell in love with her style. The only thing now holding us back from many more purchases is a lack of wall space. 


Thank you very much Andrew and Tracey for taking the time from your busy lives for this interview.

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