Painting bespoke pieces - why I love it - how to order.

So the Leaves are beginning to take on their amazing golden hue. For those of you who have bought my Autumn Leaves Paintings will know that I have in the past almost crashed my car staring in wonderment as the sun lights up the changing leaves of Autumn.

Maybe that is why I like painting bespoke pieces so much, for if certain colours evoke memories, feelings or I just feel good around them... then there must be colours that do the same for others.

For my customers it is often the second painting they purchase that will be a bespoke piece as is the one below, having enjoyed and lived with the first piece for a while and remembering that I can paint a piece to the perfect colours, shape and size for that blank wall above the sofa, sideboard, bed, stairs they will email me or visit me at a show to discuss possibilities.

Here the couple wanted a piece to work alongside a painting they purchased from me a few years ago. The original piece had gold outliner, blue and red in the painting, a blue mount and a gold frame so working with that in mind I suggested this butterfly design as I could incorporate the blue and gold along with the plums and reds. I produced colour test sheets to show the customers. Picture three shows how different mount colours can change the look of a painting. Picture four shows it mounted and framed ready for collection.

Interestingly they come to me knowing the size of the space and the main colours they wish to have but have not yet chosen a design they would like. Which to me makes sense as when I see the size and colours they would like, pictures of where the painting will hang and furniture situated around it, the possible designs will come to me... even if my imagination tells me it needs to be a brand new piece designed especially for them, tying in not only the colours already discussed but a bit of the colour from the flooring, the fireplace, tiles in a bathroom, other paintings.

In this piece the customer requested a painting to replace a canvas put up quickly to fill the space. The bathroom had a beautiful blue on the wall with white tiles and a border tile of old gold. Wishing the room to be 'brightened up' we decided on cerise pink as just the colour to do the job. I designed this shoal especially for the customer who wanted the feel lots of movement and to fit the wall space perfectly, you will also notice that there is no mount on this piece giving a dramatic window like  effect. Mixing the colours for this took a little longer than usual as I wanted to bring in the old gold tile colour so all the colours in the room would be blended within the painting.

I can spend an entire day obsessing about mixing the colours till every element flows together beautifully, imagining how they will work with their chosen design, with the mount colour and with the chosen frame.

Quite often my customers order a bespoke painting and then would like a lamp, cushions and tableware to compliment it. Here it was the other way round, the lamp was ordered before, inspired by a smaller painting I was exhibiting at a show the customer visited, table mats were ordered too. So this large painting was designed to fit with the lamp, so I included the magnified leaves background with many more butterflies and moths, mounted and framed to work perfectly.

Those who follow me on Instagram and facebook will have seen me post several stages of this piece...... Wanting colours not available on my stand at the shows at the time this customer wanted these beautiful soft greys, blues and pinks which would work with the amazing Art of Ed Org and the stain glass in her mirror. Which design was an easy task as the intricate detail of the dragonflies was her favorite. I'm just waiting for the frame and this piece will be on way to its new home......

Lastly I thought it would be nice to show what I'll be working on next. Now this couple were highly organized, a picture of the whole room in which the painting will live is incredibly useful for me to tie all colours needed together. Sizes length and height along with any furniture or lighting I need to work around. Samples of paint colours and curtain fabric help me mix the perfect colours and I'll admit I can't wait to get mixing these yummy sherberty yellows and greens. Which design have they chose?? Why the shoal designed I used in pinks for the bathroom above they loved the movement and detail ..... just think how beautiful it will be in green and yellow!

Want your own bespoke piece feel free to email me at

All I need to know
Size and shape of wall
Pictures of the room including wall it is to go on
Colours in room including floors, curtains, lighting

Let you imagination wonder..... Mx

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