For Dramatic Effect have a Splashback, Glass Wall or Door Glass designed especially for you!

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So I thought it would be a good idea to show you the process involved in ordering a bespoke splashback, glass wall or door glass for your home or business.......

1. Simply contact me with your initial idea. General size and shape, including how many socket points and other shapes that may need to be cut from the glass. Photo's of the area are very useful here as well. A straight on picture is best to give me the better idea size and shape for designing.

2. I may be able to give you a rough quote at this stage depending on how simple/complex the project is. Can it be done in one piece practicalities of fitting etc.

3. Let me know if you have a specific design of mine you would like me to use or your open to design as long as it is in certain colours.

4. I will do a rough mock up of how it could look.... this will involve taking a design or a couple of designs and adapting them to the space. This may involve repeating the pattern as a whole or a section of the pattern to fit the space perfectly.

First Mock Up

5. I send you / present you with this rough mock up for you to approve.

Final Mock Up Approved

6. If you are happy with this design I will take a deposit and I will arrange for the proposed area to be intricately measured including sockets, corners,notches etc. With these exact measurements I can design the Artwork to fit perfectly.

7. Colour printing tests are done until correct.

8. The glass is then printed in fine detail. This is when it gets exciting.

9. Glass is then fitted. Equally exciting.

Fitted Glass Splashback

10. On approval balance is paid.

Door Glass Mock Ups for New Customer.

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