For Tall Trees and Magical Sunsets - draw the curtains.

Some designs are ever popular and my 'Tall Trees' is one that most certainly is.

The design was inspired by walks in Rotherfield Woods with my dog Rum. The woods there are filled with very tall trees and if you time it right it is a magical place as the sun sets over the South Downs. I particularly love the intricate silhouettes of trees against a colourful sunset. So this is a dramatic piece in red, orange and yellow contrasted with chocolate browns.

As with all my designs they start as 'silk paintings' which were mounted and framed. This sold over ten years ago in a set of three approximate size 50x80cm when framed. However I cannot remember who bought them or wether they were bought together. If it was you do get in contact I'd love to know.

Over time I have repeat patterned with the design for cushions and tableware

Tall trees interior products including lamos cushions and tableware

I had long thought it would make dramatic long curtains and when Jane asked me to do that I was more than happy to oblige.

The brief: Single lined  curtain for main window in the luxury super soft velvet and a matching voile curtain to divide main room from kitchen.

So i set about designing the perfect repeat size for the length of curtain remembering not to lose any amount of the gorgeous bright yellow at the bottom of the sunset (as Jane especially loved the yellow when I showed her the test sample of fabric, which I had produced to test the scale of the repeat)
Tall Trees curtain fabric
We decided on a silky satin finish to the voile curtain as the would match the colour quality of the velvet used on the main curtain and to use a wave effect tab top which allows the design on fabric to hang straight down undistorted by gathering or pencil pleats at the top which would make the curtains flare out towards the bottom.

I was over excited as usual on the arrival of my fabrics from the printers.

Here are the pictures of the finished curtains.

Tall trees full length curtain

Voile curtain showing full effect of floor to ceiling 'Tall Trees' design

Tall trees velvet curtain pleats held in place.
Natural wave pleats being kept in place for a few days till they hang neatly.

Wave top detail for 'Tall Trees' curtains

Would you like a dramatic set of curtains? Want a unique look designed especially for you? Contact me at or through the contact button below.





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