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On sending off a Dragon family limited edition art print to it's new home, I thought I'll just post a pic of it on social media. Wondering whether I had been neglecting my Dragon Loving friends I asked the question 'Would you all like to see tiles, mugs or other products in the Dragon designs?' The answer was a resounding YES.

Blue Dragon Family art Print

Well that sent me down a very enjoyable rabbit hole, designing splashbacks, glasses cases and glasses cleaning cloth (especially requested by a customer) several different tile designs, coasters, mouse mats... the list goes on. I've not done the tablemats or glass chopping boards yet, but you know if you ask,

Blue dragon splashback custom made to order.
featuring the ‘Dragon Family’ design.

Blue Dragon border wall tiles
featuring the ‘Intertwined Dragons’ design


Blue dragon mugs and coasters

Regular Mugs ans the extra big size for those who like me need a lot more tea in the Morning. Coasters too of course. The mug and coaster box sets can be purchased in both sizes.

glasses cases and glasses cleaning cloths

All the tech covers and the glasses cases and glasses/tech screen cleaning cloths.
Is there anything you'd like me to design in the Dragons?

I've been concentrating on the blue dragons, would you like to see the red dragons on homewares too? Please comment below.

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