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A customer query about mixing my patterned tiles with plain coloured tiles  made me want to write this blog.

The question was 'Can I mix your tiles with plain coloured tiles if they are not exactly the same size?'

Patterned tile inserted into plain coloured tiles of different sizes

The answer is Yes. It is of course best to have the same size or as close as possible. My standard tile size is 6x6" which is 15.24cm x 15.24cm. In my experience Topps Tiles do great colours that work with mine very well indeed. Their standard size is 14.8cm x 14.8cm so only a few millimeters difference. The trick to tiling slightly different sizes neatly is to allow a wider grout line. Then line up the tiles  you will be using more of, which in this case is the Topps Tiles. Then set the my patterned tiles into those. Any good tiler can do this.

Mixing patterned and plain colour tiles

Another way to mix tiles of different sizes or plains and patterns is to use my patterned tiles as a border at the top with subway or brick shaped tiles below them or surrounding them.

The third way is which I love, is the idea a customer in the United States is doing with hers is to surround my patterned tiles with small mosaic sized tiles.

patterned tiles mixed with mini mosaic tiles

In each case it is all about lining the other tiles up perfectly and setting my patterned tiles into the plan. It is also a very cos effective way of tiling a larger area while still getting beautiful patterns mixed in.

Are you mixing it up? Do let me see your pictures.

If you'd like any advice on the best colours of plain tiles to mix with your chosen patterned Meikie tiles please ask as I'm happy to help.

 For my full selection of tiles follow this link


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