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This is a little blog about 'Getting the Look'

I've been asked a lot for advice on how to 'get my look'  and which of my products or designs would work with a wall colour, kitchen cupboards, sofas etc. I rather like being asked this as I immediately ask if they have a picture they can show me of the room from which I could match my work. So do feel free to ask me what could work for you.

Following from these kinds of questions and requests for ready sets of cushions and lampshades I'm putting together exactly that.

I'm starting with two sets.... there will be more to follow.

persian orchid luxury velvet cushions and lampshade

The ever popular Persian Orchid design... I've added two new designs in the small rectangular cushion and two new designs in the square alongside a drum shade.


persian orchid purple and turkish blue luxury velvet cushions The cushion mix has four new designs and the original Persian Orchid Design. A great blend of large and small designs with a wonderful balance of the colours through the velvets.
There are two 28x48cm cushions and three 48x48cm cushions, with £5 off per item the set that would normally cost £300 is now £275.
The same set as above with a 25cm high x 25cm diameter lampshade with £5 off per item would have been £445 and is now £415.
Here is the link....

The second set is a much moodier affair. Super modern colour way for those who love a dramatic look.

black orange moth luxury velvet cushions

 This set includes two designs on four cushions. Two 28x48cm small rectangular and two 48x48cm. With £5 off per item the set would have been £232 it is now £212
The same set with a 25cm high by 25cm diameter drum lampshade with £5 off per item would have been £377 is now £352

Black orange moth lampshade and cushion setHere is the link to the page....

Please feel free to request me to create a mix or put together your own mix of cushions and lampshades. There is a contact button below or email

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