Six Sides to Sit On

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This was a fun piece to work on and a great shape.

My friend Shirley asked for a fabric that would go with her soon to be recovered in teal sofas and her wine coloured persian style carpet. I showed her a few of my fabrics that would work and she picked this one.

rich teal green and wine red fabric

I then designed fabric to match for the six sides on each stool that would create a lovely border for the edge.

specially designed border fabric

I stripped off the old fabric and foam, replaced with a high firmness foam for a comfortable seat.

Joining the side pieces for perfect pattern matching.

pattern matching

Lovely crisp finish in the corners and fit.

finished hexagonal stool upholstery

Hope to get pictures soon of them in Shirley's newly refurbished living room.

To order fabrics for your own upholstery project or to inquire about  me completing a project for you please email:

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