Going Bright at Home

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I've been wanting to write this blog for while as I absolutely love how this customer has worked my tiles into the design of her bathroom. It got put to one side while re organized the workshop and office as has the newsletter...  at last here goes

When I get a request to create a mix with some pointers from the customers to which tiles they are already drawn to on the website... I do of course get very excited. It often allows me to suggest tiles as yet not listed for sale which would look great with the mix I feel they are going for. The brief from Ellie was for them to be in nook areas, borders a backsplash and the bright pinks and oranges were favored. As it happens I had been working on a few extra new designs in the bright pinks reds and oranges so put together this mix.

pink red yellow purple mixed patterned tiles

The customer sent me pictures of the bathroom which is set in the eaves of their house from all angles and pointed out where my tiles would go. I knew they wanted to mix with a plain white metro or brick shaped tile for the majority of the walls so i did a mock up of how various areas could look with the mix I'd come up with. This allowed us both to see how many tiles would be needed too.

Mock up of pink red yellow purple tiles for customer to visualize

Pictured here is just one of the mock ups and shows the old slate coloured tiles before the renovation

Well look at these shots of the finished bathroom sent in by the customer Ellie. Just love it. The pop of those yellow tiles in the mix too is perfect

pink red yellow purple patterned tile mix

Bright mixed patterned tiles in bathroom nook

Brightly coloured pop tile mix in bathroom

Are you planning a kitchen or bathroom renovation? Would you like me to put a special mix of tiles together for you with a mock up as to how it could look? I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to email me at meikiecakie@hotmail.co.uk

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  • Molly Faraone on

    I absolutely love those vibrant colours , reds and oranges and the tiles that look quite floral are just stunnjng.I enjoyed the before and after pics too, it’s great to see the difference a block colour makes.Very interesting and very lovely,you are such a talented artist with a perfect eye for colour.

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