All the Glorious Greens

I've long known that customers have my glass boards permanently out for making tea and coffee on. I've also often been asked for a larger size and until now I've been limited by the size of ready cut and prepared glass I could get to print on as well as the size of my own press. All this is no longer a problem!

I was approached about just this by old customers Nicole and Marcus who own the stunning green turtles original painting and were using two of the 30x40cm glass boards put together for their tea making area. It didn't look great and allowed mess to get in the gap between them. In such a beautifully designed kitchen (Nicole Morton is an Interior Designer locally in Tunbridge Wells) it was a let down.

The request was for a 40x80cm glass counter saver in the same design as they had in the regular sized glass board for the area. Now since I've been working with a company to produce my splash backs I called them in to work with me on this. Agreeing on a toughened glass of 5mm printed with the requested design 'Flowing Water' in a mesmerizing mix of greens which I sized especially for the project.

Extra Large Glass Counter Saver 40x80cm
Extra Large Glass Counter Emerald Green
Extra Large Glass Board for Kitchen Counter Leaf Green

And... luckily as Nicole and Marcus are local to me, I could personally deliver it and got these great pictures. Nicole knows I love her kitchen and how amazing the original turtles painting looks in there too.

Would you love one of these for your own kitchen, bathroom or even as a topper for an existing table? I can create these Extra Large Glass Boards/Counter Savers in any of my designs especially for you. Please contact me at with requests for size and design.


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