Dive into a Sea of Divine Blues and Greens

One of my favorite things about creating my Art and Designing with that art is when customers who have purchased a painting and enjoyed living with it in their homes, then purchase some of my interior pieces to work alongside it. This does of course work the other way round too. It is a huge compliment and makes me very happy.

As I already know the customers what they like and have often seen their homes and style when dropping a painting off, I have the advantage of tuning into what they will like and can offer advice and a more bespoke solution. I've often designed extra things especially because the colour and design will be perfect.

A couple who purchased this Dolphin Painting from a show in Hertfordshire while I was painting it Live contacted me about some tiles.

Dolphin Swirl original hand painted silk.

'Hi we bought one of your beautiful silk paintings when we lived in Harpenden. You delivered it to us. I really love the tiles you are doing and would like to know more about them. Thanks Vivien'

I sent a mock up mix of blue and green tiles showing a wide range of darks and lights. Asking them to let me know which area of shades they particularly liked and to discount any they really didn't like.
Blue green tile mix 1 'Dive In Mix 1'

They favoured the lighter more green side of the spectrum which narrowed it down for me to choose a selection to do a layout on my workbench of the physical tiles. Along with a Facetime call to discuss the blend of colours, what they'd like more of and I let them know I would be designing tiles using the image of their original dolphin painting especially for them.

This was the first layout of tiles
Tile lay out for customer to get a feel for colour and pattern blend

After our face time discussion I mocked up a plan of how the tiles would blend in the alcove and surround. Vivien and Wreford had given me a detailed plan of the measurements and pictures of the area to be tiled from different angles.

The next stage was to mock up of how it would look on the wall. Wreford thought perhaps that it would be good to have more of the blues on the back wall. I liked the idea and while mocking it up found that a diagonal sweep of blue through the greens created a looser more interesting blend.

Tile Mock Up Blue Green Mix

This is the Mock Up picture I sent which was agreed with Vivien and Miles to be the final mix. I then knew how many to make and which designs.It included the tile designs I created especially for them including this one.

green dolphin tile

And here are the fabulous pictures kindly sent me of the tiles in situ. Many Thanks Vivien and Wreford for these.

'Dive In' blue green tile mix in situ

I'm so incredibly pleased with how it turned out. It was such a lovely project to work on.

I'd love to work on more projects like this. Tailoring the perfect mix for a home is fun and rewarding.

Let me know if you'd like a mix specially put together for your home. you can contact me at meikiecakie@hotmail.co.uk

Here is the link to all my tiles.


And this is a link to that first draft of tiles mix of 50 blue green tiles. Now called 'Dive In Mix 1'


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