Metamorphosis into a Butterfly.... my latest re upholstered chair.

Now this was so much fun to do!

one off upholstered chair in designer fabrics featuring butterflies in contemporary colours

The brief for this 'Bespoke Order' was for a chair that was small enough to fit in a bedroom, with a seat high enough for an older person to get up from, in colours to match  the mainly plum coloured room, bringing in the colours of a grey and plum original painting featuring sleepy cats (bought previously from me) as well as to bring in a few complimentary colours to lift the room.

So first I found a suitable chair to re upholster. I loved the contemporary shape of this one and  I had ideas straight away on how I could design the fabrics for it. Luckily my lovely customer Jo liked it too.

chair before re upholstery

Now choosing the design from which to design the fabric was a little tricky as there was originally quite a narrow range of colours in the room. However having recently finished this painting for another customer I realized it had the colours I needed and Jo agreed.

Hand painted silk butterflies on skeleton leavesoriginal hand painted silk from which i designed the fabrics

I put it to Jo that there were three options
1. Loose large pattern 'like the original painting) all over
2. Repeat pattern of the original painting all over
3. Loose design on the front of the chair and repeat patterned on the back.
Jo chose option 3 which was perfect as it so much more fun to design.

When designing the fabrics they are especially for each individual chair, I size each piece to fit perfectly, even having the charcoal piping and detailing fabric printed so that the colour would be spot on. As you can see I painted the legs to match this.

It's always sooo exciting when the fabrics arrive from the printers, for this chair I used the super soft luxury velvet and it was wonderful to re-upholster with.....

ready for the back of the chair...
this repeat design will also look lovely as curtains and cushions too.

Very pleased with the finished result a very stylish contemporary chair which will look beautiful in its new home

repeat detail on back of chair designed and re upholstered by Meikieshowing the repeat pattern detail on the back

luxury velvet chair designed and upholstered by Meikie
If you have a chair that's in need of a metamorphosis or would like me to source on for you email

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