Glass Moths versus a Glass Forest

I've long neglected updating my glass splashbacks/glass walls page here on the website. So in remedy I'll tell you about two dramatic design requests.

So, the first request from Charlotte for a was for my Moths on Lichen design  in those already dramatic, cool and contemporary colour of blue grey black and orange.

As my old customers and followers on social media will know, this has been requested for several other custom made pieces, including designing the fabric repeat and upholstering a chair.

The brief was to create an atmosphere of moody elegance, combined with deep blue cupboards, beech counter tops and silver handles. Well I instantly knew in my head how good it would look.

Moody Elegance Blue Grey Orange  Moth Splashback fo Kitchen

The second request I'm excited to tell you about was from a lovely couple Barbara and Steve. They had seen and loved the 'Forest Meditation' full length curtains and wanted that forest feel in their kitchen. Their cupboards are dark wood so all the wonderful shades of green of the forest design contrast beautifully.

Teal Green Forest Splashback in Kitchen

As with all custom requests I will ask for photos of the area and initially rough measurements will do for a quick mock up. If an architect has designed the house and kitchen I will often receive those plans to guide me too.

Once the rough mock up is ok'd. Exact measurements are taken including all sockets and any notches or corners to be cut from the glass. The glass is cut and then printed on the reverse, sealed and packed ready to be delivered and fitted.

I'd love your feedback on these. Which would you choose and why? Please leave a comment below.

Alongside designing these I thought I should design the simple options too, a simple 60x60cm cooker hob splashback which can easily be shipped and fitted by your own trades people.

60x60cm Teal Green Forest Cooker Hob Splashback

 Blue Grey Orange Moth Cooker Hob Splashback



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